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Blogger Posted Sep 30
LNT Law , Des Plaines, IL

Lohman Neschis & Tolitano, LLC is looking to hire professional legal content bloggers for our website, LinkedIn page, Facebook page, blogsite and a potential client newsletter in the future. We are looking for people with experience both in writing and with current topics in the legal field that include: specific subject matter (real estate deals, foreclosures and short sales, tax law, litigation subjects, corporate formation, shareholder dispute issues, etc.), case law updates, legislative updates, takes on high profile legal interest stories, updates on the firm, etc.

Why write for us?
1. part-time work
2. consistent monthly income
3. fast-growing online presence with hundreds of viewers
4. writing for blog posts that appear on our website, newsletters, and social media

What you need:
1. experience in writing
2. experience with current legal topics specific subject matter as stated above
3. high quality, original content
4. well-researched articles
5. SEO included in the article
6. exceptional grammar
7. high social engagement to drive customers to the website
8. the ability to write at least 4-8 unique articles a month

What we need from you:
1. A current resume
2. Submit at least 2 pieces of different types of legal interest writing/case law reviews/blogs for us to review (do not submit legal briefs, motions, etc. as this is not the kind of “writing” we are looking for)


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