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Freelance academic article writers Posted Oct 13
Blue Sky Editorial, LLC , Orlando, FL
Freelance Academic Articles

We are inviting editorial contributors to the Research Starters, an expanding online database of academic introductory articles on a broad range of general-interest topics for students. These articles will be published in 2017 by EBSCO ( We are assigning the remaining available articles in the social sciences and history—including some 50 articles on World Heritage Sites.

Research Starters are topics designed to assist students during the key exploratory phase at the beginning of a research project. Written as an overview, articles should provide general but key information relative to an issue or topic, presented in a fact-based and objective discussion. The articles will act as informative summaries that provide students with background and perspective on the topic/issue at hand so that students have a better understanding of the topic, are prepared to conduct a more specific search, and are prepared to make an educated thesis statement.

For this assignment, Research Starters are mostly 1,000 words each with payments of $50 each. Payments are issued only via PayPal or by check and are only issued in January 2017 after all articles have been accepted by the publisher.

Geared toward an academic audience (secondary school students, undergraduates, librarians, and teachers), these articles should be written using a neutral voice, similar to that found in encyclopedia articles, following the format explained in the guidelines to be provided.. Each article will be signed by the contributor and advanced degrees are being listed along with the bylines.

We are currently making assignments with a deadline of December 10. If you cannot meet the deadline, please do not take on the assignment.

The available Article List, Style Guidelines, and a Sample Article will be sent to you as part of the assignment—please read and follow the guidelines to avoid extra revision steps.

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding research product, the EBSCO Research Starters, please contact me by the e-mail information below. Please provide your CV or a summary of your publishing credentials in article-related disciplines.

Thanks very much.
Geoff Golson


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